Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping Haul

Thanks to my wonderful Mom and Dad, I had some gift cards to spend. I still need to find some more dress clothes and a suit or two for my new job, but I got a lot of things I have been needing/wanting for awhile today.

I have realllly been coveting (I know, I know..bad) a good neutral palette of eye shadows. There is one I really wanted by Urban Decay (sold at Sephora or Ulta) for $44. HOWEVER, I was absolutely THRILLED to find these perfect substitutes for $5 each, $15 total at Target. The company is called ELF. I had read some good reviews on their shadows in the past, and so far I am happy with them (I played around some tonight with them). I got a Smokey Eye palette, a Neutral Eye palette, and a Lip palette. Love, love. Also at Target today, I found a beautiful Cobalt blue-ish wrap dress and a simple knee length black pencil skirt for work. Good deals to be found, always at Target.

I also had a Macy's gift card from my parents, and I knew I needed both make up and work clothes, however, I left a good coupon for clothes at home, so that solved it: make-up it was! I used my card and purchased my HG (Holy Grail) bronzer called Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. I accidentally purchased the Soft Shimmer instead of Matte, but it's fine because it's just that, soft shimmer...not sparkly. I also was THRILLED to be able to finally purchase the MAC Powder Foundation that I have really been wanting, as well as a Blotting Powder to go over it. I really wanted something with more coverage than my previous HG Bare Minerals, as it is sooo humid in Florida. However, liquid foundation is just too much for me unless it is a really special occasion. I am hoping this is the perfect medium for me. I was color-matched by a MAC make-up artist and labeled NW20 in the MAC Studio Fix, and Medium in the Blotting/Pressed Powder. I'll do some reviews on this after I've tried it for a few days. I'm a little nervous because the first ingredient is Talc, which is great for coverage, but also known to POSSIBLY block pores in some people. We shall see! :) Hope you enjoyed hearing about my purchases as much as I enjoyed finding them.


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