Sunday, August 8, 2010

Health Nuts...or just Nuts?

Happy Sunday, everyone. Yes, tomorrow is Monday, but it's a fresh start to a new week, right?! (Coming from the girl who is currently in between jobs and to whom the day of the week makes no difference)

Tyler and I are definitely starting our week out well. We have both been noticing that neither one of us have been feeling well after eating out or eating unhealthily lately. We just have felt really tired and sluggish. Add that to our recent increase in exercise, we have decided to make a real effort to eat...well, real food! We have done a lot of research, and have decided to try to eat as preservative, dye free, and healthy as possible. We aren't necessarily "going green" or "organic", but we are simply trying to get back to the basics. Trying to get back to eating what our bodies are designed to eat, food, and not fillers. So, most likely, you will see health topics come up a lot in future blog posts, but I will try to mix things up, as well.

Tonight, I will just talk about the re-stocking and re-organization of our refridgerator. No, not freezer, refridgerator. In fact, the only two items in our freezer now are Steamfresh vegetable bags for quick meals/side dishes. I know, shocking. No more corn dogs, no more frozen pizzas. Hence my title..."Health Nuts, or just Nuts?"

I posted some pictures of our fridge now. It is stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies of all kinds, which we took the time today to wash, peel, cut, and prepare. This way, when we are feeling the munchies setting in, we are able to just reach in for a quick but HEALTHY snack. Convenience is key. I even took the liberty of creating "grab bags" full of a variety of veggies for snacks on-the-go. I am also posting some pictures of a few of my favorite items I have picked up and have become staples in our new "diet". So friends and family, what do you think, are we Health Nuts...or just Nuts?


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