Thursday, May 20, 2010

In the beginning...

Hello to my family, friends, and those of you random cyberspace blog followers who have accidentally stumbled upon my humble, feeble attempt at blogging.

As a lot of changes have happened and will continue happening over the next few years of my life (ours, I suppose I should say), I felt this was a good way to document them. Yes, I know most of my blog entries will fall on deaf ears (or eyes?), but I think blogging might be good for my health and sanity, as well. I don't really have a focus, other than that I think it is time I learn to live every day to its fullest. Yes, everyone says that. But do I REALLY, TRULY mean it? YES! Due to health concerns in recent months, my eyes have been opened by our Great Maker to the wonders and small miracles that exist in our little world. So, in response, I feel it is important I start making a conscious effort to enjoy every moment, and work on focusing on the positives, small or great, obvious or more hidden.

So, to celebrate the start of this blog and of a new chapter in my (hopefully) more free-spirited life, I find it absolutely necessary to take a moment and pick out the things I am most grateful or thankful for at this very moment in my life. At 5:11pm on May 20, 2010, this is what I am thankful for.

  • First and foremost, my Savior. My God, my Father, my Maker, my best friend. Thank you, thank you, for my life and for giving me a chance to live, breathe, and praise You.
  • I want to also give thanks for my family; immediate and extended. Without the continued love, support, forgiveness and patience (especially from my parents), I would not be "me".
  • My wonderful husband, Tyler James. Thank you for almost 1 1/2 crazy, scary, manic (on my part), yet absolutely beautifully perfect years of marriage. Thank you for putting up with me and my downfalls, all the while lifting me up and encouraging my strengths to grow and blossom. I love you.
  • My pets! Granted, none of them can read (although sometimes I wonder about Sidney...), but they are indeed part of my continued sanity and provide me with unconditional love, support, loyalty, and the best listeners a girl could ask for.
  • My job. Yes, everyone has days they feel less than thrilled about waking up and going to work day in and day out, but I am thankful for both my and Tyler's employment, and that both of our jobs are in our fields of interest and study.
  • FORGIVENESS. I don't even know how more to explain this one. It is just a wonderful, perfect gift in every way.
  • A new day. A new day, a new life, a fresh start, a new chance to grow and touch lives.
  • Our church family. Yes, we are new to our church and are really just now getting more involved. But our Sunday school class, in particular, is full of wonderful, Godly, happy couples who inspire Tyler and I to stay focused on God, and each other, daily.

I am thankful for a lot more, but this sums up what I am thinking about currently. I took the last 8 minutes of my life to focus on what I am thankful for, and it felt good. In 8 minutes I could have:

  1. Gotten on facebook
  2. Stressed about work
  3. Yelled at my husband
  4. Say something I'll regret
  5. Watched a negative television program
  6. Hurt someone deeply
  7. Say something displeasing to God
  8. Spent too much money

But instead, I started quite a list, and I'm thankful God let me breathe, allowed my fingers to move as quickly as they did, and gave me a brain for thinking in order to create the above list. I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

God bless, I love you.



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  1. I love that you started a blog! We're here to support you anyway that we can.. even if its just being someone to read your blog for now! :) Love you! Praying for you both.