Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally Friday

So, TGIF! Yes, I missed two days of work this week due to illness, but for some reason that just makes the other days seem even longer and more tiring. I'm not going to write a very long post today, as I pretty much wrote a novel yesterday. BUT - I must mention a few random things on my mind today.

First and foremost..
My husband is wonderful. I could literally write a week's worth of posts on why and how he is so wonderful, but instead, I will just tell you what he did today. Tyler does not cook. He cooks breakfast wonderfully, and he cooked delicious pork chops for me once. Other than that, in the 7ish years we've been together, he has really not cooked. Tonight, however, I got home to find a REALLY clean house to start with. Not just a, "Honey, I straightened up a bit so you'd thank me later tonight but didn't really clean" type of way. He cleaned in a "I just really love you and want to show you with no selfish motives" way. *Sigh* As if that is not enough to please this little lady, still my heart...drum roll please...COOKED. Cooked. Let it sink it. He cooked me a wonderful casserole and bought me a cake. All set out with a really sweet note. Oh, husband. Thank you for marrying me despite all of my faults.

Secondly, this is quite random and not very exciting at all, but I am going to get my hair retouched tonight. Something about refreshing my existing color to make it last longer? Anyway, I have decided I think I am going to get bangs. I used to have them. I've had the short pixie bangs, the straight long hippie bangs, the off to the side bangs, etc. So, without further ramblings, here are the pictures that are inspiring what I hope to be cute bangs. I'll leave you with these and my love. Off to the hairdresser with a very full, happy belly. :)

P.S. I guess I sort of lied about the long post, so sorry. If you made it through both yesterdays and todays, kudos to you!

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