Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Recipe Revamp

Today was the day. The day I finally pulled out my baskets and boxes of quickly perused cooking magazines and tightly folded recipes, and organized my collection. There are so many recipes I find while going through magazines and online that I collect and set aside, only to lose or forget in the growing pile next to my bed. I have been trying to get back to better strategizing meals for the week, it's just been difficult with varying schedules. However, I really think my new organizational strategy will help. Here's how I did it:

My sweet Mother-in-law purchased me a pink (perfect)binder, and compiled some family recipes to store inside. I have used several of the recipes, but have yet to add to the binder..until now. I went through my pile of cooking magazines, found dog-eared pages of previous interest, and started making piles. A pile of dinner recipes, dessert recipes, and misc. recipes like fondue or side dishes. After organizing them into piles, I 3-hole punched them, and organized them into those sections in the binder. After organizing the binder with printed out internet recipes (thank you,, magazine recipes, and family recipes (some sent almost weekly by my wonderful mom :), I disposed of the leftover magazines. What a space saver! I also took this time to go through the recipe box given to me by my beautiful Nanny, and reorganize those on recipe cards, as well.

After organizing the binder and box and disposing of leftover magazines, I decided to use a pull-out folder in the back of the binder to store recipes for the week. I placed three recipes I wanted to try this week in one side of the folder, and my grocery list and coupons for the week on the other side (also thanks to my mother). This way, I can just grab and go. Looking forward to keeping this up. It seems sooo much more convenient.

Have a restful Sunday!


P.S. Please ignore or at least pretend to ignore the spread of puppy and kitty toys on the carpet in the background. Let's just say the animals enjoyed having us home to play with today.

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