Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Sweet Finds

Hi all :) For my female friends and family, I just had to show you my two great finds from this past weekend. I have been searching for two pair of shoes for months now. 1. Dressy black flip flops, to replace a pair I had for years and just recently bit the dust AND 2. A great pair of nude pumps. Well, after scanning stores for months, I finally came upon these two beauties, both at Marshall's.

The black pair, I just love. They are shiny but not overdone, and who could help but love those little bows?! I'm a sucker for bows...and 16 bucks?!...I can handle that.

The nude pumps were a STEAL. They are Tahari, which is one of my favorite brands of dress pants. Originally priced at around $100, marked down to $75, then $35, then...get this...$20. Twenty dollars for these babies.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about these finds, and have worn both already. Here are a few quick pictures of them. Happy Spring/Summer Shoe Shopping, ladies (!


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