Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lifetime of Love

Hello friends and family!

I hope you are all settling into the "after holidays" slow down time. My life has actually seemed to speed up the past few weeks, but these type of changes always make me think and reflect on my life, which in turn, makes me want to write.

I don't usually share any of what I write just for fun as it is generally just my way of venting or expressing myself privately, but I wanted to share this little poem as I wrote it for my wonderful husband. And really, what better way to let him know I'm thinking of him than publically? :)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.


You know that couple? The one we saw at the grocery store today? The one we helped to put their cart away? The couple with the canes, the ones who walked so slow, the pair we hurried past on our way to go? Well if you don’t remember them, maybe this will jog your brain. What about the pair we saw in the far left lane? The ones we yelled at for their driving, slow and rather scary, you “old farts” we mouthed as we passed, and on we carried.

Okay so that was hours ago, but what about tonight? Did you see the couple behind us, the one in the dim light? I heard him whisper to his wife, “my darling I won’t leave you” and she sobbed back “I know it dear, but only if you knew”. “What is it love, we’ve made it now, for sixty-seven years, we’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, in fact for us, three cheers!” “Not now, my dear the news is bad, the doctor called today, the cancer’s back, it’s worse this time, it hasn’t gone away.”

And in that moment, at that time, just one booth away, sat a young married couple with a group of friends, laughing and chatting away. The old man caught the eye of the girl so young and fresh and healthy, and in her eyes he saw his wife, and realized he was wealthy. For as he watched this bright young pair, that’s us to which I refer, his mind kept racing back and forth, but all he could see was her. He knew what this meant, it meant less time, less time to kiss his bride. Less time to hold her, to brush her hair, to have her by his side. But as he watched the couple beside him, he realized one thing he knew, he wouldn’t start over, not ever again, he wouldn’t trade old for new.

We’ve been so arrogant, been so crude, I think we’ve had the wrong attitude. Growing old is a pain, but it’s also a gift, for each day I have with you I’d never switch. So when we’re 90 and driving insanely, I hope you’ll remember, and remember this plainly. That I love you truly, I thank God each day, that it’s you I have walked with each step of the way. And someday we’ll see a new bride-to-be, and just smile and think, “man it’s good to be me”.

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