Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving Day!

Hi there,

My name is Leche the Guinea Pig, and Mommy wanted me to tell you all about my big move. Mommy and Daddy(mostly Mommy)were getting so tired of hearing me cry when it was time to go back in my teeny tiny pet store cage, and decided it was time to do some research! Mommy discovered that a lot of good guinea parents were building their own 2 x 4 sized cages using materials such as wire storage cubes. Mommy and Daddy did some number crunching, and headed to Lowe's last night. I missed them very much! But soon, they came home, and with some strange looking materials! An hour or so later, Mommy and Daddy had laughed a lot, yelled a little, and bled some, too! (Tyler, surprisingly.) BUT...look at the finished product!! A nice, safe cage, placed in a social room of the house, where I can get lovins from both my people and cats, alike..anytime of the day! I am so happy. Mommy and Daddy made the base for this cage using a rubber backed,indoor/outdoor mat, 2 layers of old beach towels, and a fleece blanket. Mommy says she still needs to cut the blanket to fit the cage, but I sure don't mind it the way it is! Mommy says the way she layered the bedding materials and prepared the fleece with 3 washes and 3 dries will keep my bottom dry and smelling fresh! I am soo happy. I keep jumping in the air and reaching through the cage to kiss Mommy and Daddy's hands to thank them. Oh, guess what else?! Mommy even ordered me a mini-cat bed type thingy called a Cuddle Cup to snuggle in when she's not around. Can life get any better? I think not.

Leche Redick

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