Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Florida Baby Shower

With Camden's attempt at being a little escape artist last week, a few hospital visits, a lot of resting and some tears, our Florida shower was a very special treat last weekend! When I walked in, I was immediately blown away by how beautiful the space was, and noted every little detail Tori and Megan created to make the day so special. Not only were we extremely grateful for the hostesses of the beautiful shower, we were so thankful for our out-of-town family and friends in attendance, and blown away by the generosity of everyone who showered us so abundantly! Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the day in words:
  • the lemonade!
  • the jars, straws, and labels for the lemonade
  • the drop off and baggage claim stations
  • the cake pops and their wrapping
  • ALL of the decorations
  • the delicious food
  • the diaper messages
  • visiting with all of my wonderful guests
  • opening gifts - everyone wrapped them so beautifully!
  • I could go on forever :)
Now for a few highlights from the day in pictures:

I honestly feel like our baby showers were two of the most beautiful, tasteful, enjoyable showers I have ever attended, and we feel so blessed by everyone who was involved and attended. We are also thankful for those who couldn't attend but have reached out to us since. Camden is a very loved little man!

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