Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Organized

Hi friends! The husband and I seemingly caught a little belly bug and I seemingly caught up on A LOT of sleep. After I awoke from my slumber, it was time to do something productive. As I am on a mini-break from grad school right now, I have treated myself to a few beauty magazines as well as gotten caught up on my regularly delivered ones such as Food Network and Rachael Ray. Today I decided to do something with all of the torn out pages of interest growing in piles next to my side of the bed.

First, I sorted through the beauty stack of torn out pages with various "likes" or inspiration for Spring fashion such as pastel colors, a list of Spring "must haves", and hairstyles to try. I decided to create an inspiration board and simply tacked up the pages I had saved, and hung the board next to my closet. I hope to simply switch out pages once I have tried them or the seasons/trends change. I also do not believe in throwing out a magazine just because you've looked at it (though I also do not believe in hoarding them!), so a few of my sweet friends will luck out :)

Next, I was long overdue in the recipe organization department. I already have a recipe box, a shelf for my cookbooks, and a binder for hole-punched magazine recipes. However, the binder was a disaster area full of loose, dog-eared, random recipes. Not any longer! I hole punched until my fingers hurt and here is how I organized the binder:

1) Misc. Food plan ideas or meal planning ideas remain in the front and back pockets
2) Desserts
3) Pastas/Italian (deserves its own category as this seems to be our fave)
4) Dinner Ideas (most of these are meat dishes)
5) International Dinner Ideas (Mexican, Chinese, casseroles, etc)
6) Party Ideas/Special occasions (Dips, meatballs, etc)

This is quite adaptable as I have a few more section dividers and Lord knows I will find more recipes to add. Hope this helps you organize your prized recipes or new ones to try!


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