Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

I have really been feeling under the weather lately, so I decided maybe a Spring themed post would brighten my day, and hopefully yours. Since I haven't been feeling well, any spare time that I have has been spent resting. During these rest periods, I've had some time to look through magazines and websites, curious to find out what this Spring's trends will be. After doing some research, there are definitely some trends I will absolutely be taking part in, and some...not so much. Here are my finds for Spring 2011.

Looks I will definitely be trying:

Electric Pink Lips

Pastel Polishes

"Arm Candy" - brightly colored purses

Cobalt Blue everything

High-Waist Trousers

Colored Denim

Anything Honeysuckle colored

Looks I'm Not Loving


Neon Make-up

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