Monday, June 7, 2010


Today, a new friend taught me a lot about myself, and about life. He taught me how a person doesn't really know himself until he has seen himself through another's eyes. How, the best way to learn about ourselves as humans is to see ourselves reflected in someone else. Sometimes, viewing ourselves through the "mirror" of a stranger is the only true way to see our true selves. Not the self we want others to see. Not the self we feel we are supposed to be. The self we really are. My friend shared a thought-provoking quote with me today. It reads:

"No man can show one face to others, and another to himself, without becoming dumbfounded as to which is true."

This quote, by Dante, stopped me in my tracks. Who am I? Who are we? Who do we want to ourselves, to others? I think I am starting to finally learn who I am, like it or not. Not the "me" my family wants me to be. Not the "me" my friends want me to be. The real me. After all, what is society with a bunch of soul-less pods wandering around with no thoughts, opinions, or desire to make a difference in this life?

It's funny how we think we know so much about ourselves, and yet when we look into a stranger's eyes, we don't recognize the person in the reflection. Just something to think about. Thank you, friend.


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